Rahajeng Semeng semeton infobudaya bali, kali ini kita mengenalkan seorang tokoh Legendaris. . I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862?–1978) was known as a Balinese stone sculptor and architect (Undagi in Balinese) who built the palaces and temples in Ubud and its neighboring villages. In his later years, he produced hundreds of linear drawings of Balinese mythology and folklore. Lempad of Bali, a short documentary film produced by John Darling and Lorne Blair, tells the story of Lempad at the end of his life and his cremation ceremony. - John Darling's Lempad of Bali #Repost @maeny_ with @repostapp ??? #infobudayabali #lempad #art #ubud #sejarahbali #lempadofbali #tokoh